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A small runway show in your local mall might land you the biggest audition with a beauty magazine. You never know where that opportunity will come up. You don't have to look "perfect " there are tall models, short models, skinny and full size models.

Modeling Auditions
First step is always to research on auditions in your local area. If you leave in a small town your best bet is to audition in a near by City. Most of major casting is done in California, New York, and Europe. Every city has a well established modeling agency that is affiliated with major players in the industry. Audition for a few different agencies and see what they say. Usually if they like you a lot, you will notice it in the first 2 minutes. The key to success here is to pick an agent that is well known and established! Ask for their references and credentials before signing any contracts.
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Modeling School / Training
Modeling might seem easy. Nevertheless often models don't get the part because of lack of training and modeling experience. You can be the best looking individual for the spot, but someone else with more training and experience will take it. At least get some basic training from a specialized modeling school. The industry has many standards that you need to follow when you audition for major players. If you are considering modeling as full time career then you must invest into a portfolio and schooling. Besides knowing how to walk down the runway, how to turn, and pose, you have to keep on training to become the best model possible. Great training cost good money, but be careful in your selections there are many scams. Check school references & credentials.
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Modeling Portfolio/ Resume
Unlike basic headshots which an actor uses, a model must go through various photo-shoots and create a modeling portfolio. Putting together a processional modeling portfolio is a MUST! In the portfolio, should be a variety of pictures, black and white and in color, different poses, and a variety of appearance ( such as picture in a bathing suit, riding a horse, or wearing glasses and a teacher uniform.) Your portfolio is the main tool that will sell you in the entertainment Industry. Remember modeling casting directors and agents will only look through your portfolio once, so you have only one chance to capture their interest. The better your portfolio the better will be your responses! You should spend anywhere between $800-$2000 depending on the photographer. The best photographers also have awesome connections so here is your chance to get referred to a great modeling agency. All your pictures must be presented in an organized order. A modeling resume is much simpler. Just have all your current contact information, your height, size, weight, and clothing measurements. Be sure to include all the training and work you were involved in. Processionals like to hire processionals so include all your modeling experiences.
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