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"CD-ROM Talent Database™ is so efficient it will set new standards for casting talent. Casting directors prefer to use a CD-ROM database to search for actors & models, instead of reviewing hundreds of paper headshots and resumes." Liz Styles - reporter for Entertainment News, LA

"As a casting director for the last 25 years, I love the way you've made my job easy. CD-ROM Database is the future of casting and will be used by casting directors around the world. "
James Bruno (C.S.A) - casting director for USA films.

"I want to thank for all their help and guidance. I have recently worked in a variety of commercials, television shows and films, thanks to CD-ROM Database 2000. Recently I was in "Pearl Harbor" playing as a navy soldier, and "Traffic" as a senator's office assistant. I can be seen in 2 commercials for Paris Hotel/Casino (aired in NV & CA)
Samuel Baldwin - Actor, Model, Stuntperson, Musician, Vocalist

"I have mailed over 300 headshots to various agents and casting directors and got 6 responses. Two of them were from companies that wanted me to join workshops and spend a great deal of money. I have visited 8 agents since I joined the talent cast. Currently I am signed with 2 agencies Commercials Unlimited Inc (commercials, commercial print) and Morgan Freedman Agency. My credits include the following: OZ(HBO), Michael Richard's Show ( NBC), Commercials for Wal-Mart,, and other small parts in various independent productions." Lisa Knight - Model, Actress, Spokesperson

"The first time I spoke to a representative, they gave me the best overview on the entertainment industry and what it really takes to succeed. After joining the CD-ROM Database 2000. I was approached by several modeling agencies. I have received over a dozen auditions for various commercials, as well as several auditions for roles in independent films. So far I appeared on MTV's show (Undressed), and an independent documentary film "Real Money" by Universe Entertainment".
Jennifer Mayson - Actress, Model -

" I'm an actor in Orlando, and for years I have been trying to establish contacts in the entertainment industry. Thanks to I am working on a new movie by Disney Films. I will be traveling to Australia to work on this movie. I'm really excited about this opportunity." Joseph Snyder - Actor, Model, Stuntperson

" Finally someone is helping us models with a great service! I have joined last year and already received several auditions for commercials in my area. Currently I am in the process of selecting an agent."
Michelle S. Boyd - Model, Actress

" When I was younger I wanted to become an actor but never got a chance to try. Today, I am fifty-six and thanks to I just did my first national commercial for South West Airlines.
John R. Ford - Actor, Voice,

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